Saturday, July 9, 2016

Mothers we all have them but wtf

Wtf ok I don't know where to even start and this is my way to vent because I have no one else to currently vent to well I do
but I don't want to bug said person (super wonderful very helpful and has helped me get caught up on many bills thanks J )

anyways I've been trying to stay positive

well got this kick ass concert to go for the weekend coming three days of bliss and fun and rock and roll with my twin

well that may not be happening now
my mother we all have them and some of us are mothers our selfs
I know what I do not want my son to look at me years from now and think oh god your like grandma
well I've been helping my mother with money since 2013 when she had her stroke I've been paying on her bills her medication her co pays given her gas money helped with storage payments and phone and her car insurance  payments that I am still paying on and what do I get
she promised to pay me back every penny
and all she has given me is some money towards the electric bill she ran up and the part of the car insurance money back but nothing from what she barrowed
so I find out she is getting her money and I ask for what is owed she claims to of paid me in full which is a crock of crap I've even had car work done for her breaks all around oil change ect.
and now i'm getting nothing back like I was suppose to
I have to pay my phone bill which is 120 and then I have to pay on the hotel room which is 120 to 140 for the weekend and I have to pay on my bills still along with food ect for my trip
someone reported my items on ebay which were going great and would of helped a lot with my trip

and they all got removed I had to hurry and re post them i'm hoping someone does a buy it now or donates other wise i'm probably going to have to sell my once in a life time ticket I never do anything like this for myself and my phone will be off tonight possibily tomorrow the latest unless I can get someone to donate to the cause  I know this is horrible goddesses aren't suppose to look for pitty and i'm not i'm just a normal person like you who has terrible horrible days where I need to vent every now and then
anyways i'm over it i'm screwed
just done I don't know what else to do I cant ever win

someone ordered 20 bucks in candles so I made them and then they backed out so wtf no win win for me

if anyone at all has something anything at all to send as a gift to cheer me up please send to my paypal to my email address
in return you'll get your name written on my feet and get 5 photos or a video chat something

I just need to catch a break night all
hopefully I don't have to sell my ticket it would totally bum me out

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