Sunday, December 30, 2012

OH Joy i feel a cold coming along

hello everyone so you all know i've been in and out lately i have been under the weather lately not feeling so well again also my lovely great old baby camera :( has passed away the damn batterie door is now missing in action so............. only photos i can currently take are with my cell phone or web cam so quailty isnt that great any donations to help me get a new camera so i can continue to do what i do best... other than cleaning houses let me know i can tell you how to discreatly send donations threw online payment and or moneygram threw ..

anyways........... keep a look out for new auctions on ebay soon!!!

FYI i will no longer be doing any auctions with my p.o.s. sister she is money hungry and doesnt give a damn about anyone but her self thought i'd say fuck it maybe her stupid ass had changed but she has not sadly oh well donno what to do about that  oh well going to attempt to restart a new and avoid all shit in life lets see how thats gonna work out

Monday, December 24, 2012

toxic work socks on ebay

Hello my bitchs having lots of payment issues with how i am allowed to accept payments now so if you are interested in my items let me know and feel free to check out my new...
ebay auction
items been worn for a while some what toxic

Monday, December 3, 2012

Fucken Ay man buy my dirty socks

Hello Fuckers check this out
Hello all you fuckers 
i have a wonderful idea!! 
you guys should so totally buy a pair of socks from me and my sister
i will give her a pair of my white and green and pink tube socks just like these ones

and we are selling them as a set!!
so comment if you like this idea