Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello everyone

Have you guys missed me if so why not just say so!!
anyways i'll be trying to take my laptop to work with me so i can still give you guys updates
unless anyone wants to be kind enough to send a donation/gift to my paypal so i can get my internet back on i am shooting to have it back on in a week or two unless i can get some help to do so sooner.

anyways i can update via my cell phone but its been giving me issues with trying to load photos from my phone and all anyways the total to get my net turned back on is $280 do you guys think you can help with that???

anyways loading videos onto youtube right now hopfully i can get them up before the battery dies because there are other people at my Local DD using the internet and have taken all the outlets!!!

check out my ebanned later i should hopfully be able to a auction up i'm unsure though its hard to do from my phone maybe i'll have to try to connect to another wifi signal .

anyways i also need some advice on how to set up a website to sell items build my own sight i'm wanting to help some family set up a website to sell glass wear /  pipes and knifes and swords and shit like that

anyways guys dont forget to check out my updated videos on stuff on


Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Hello everyone I'm back
And wanted to let you all know I desided to update because I got a email from a fan and wanted to know who wants me to make some new videos???? Drop a comment or a email and let's get this rolling again your goddess is back and will do what she can to update you all videos and all with my phone