Thursday, January 31, 2019

planned auctions~

who wants to welcome me back to e bay
with a first sock auction purchase hmmm???

if interested say me in comments

Saturday, January 19, 2019

another year another damn phone

So as the new year starts
we are 19 days in and i see i havent updated since sept.2018
so i'll be loading some new photos here tomorrow
and updating my youtube..
my phone is shot thats what i get for being helpful
dropped the stupid thing in the snow and now the screen is blacks upposedly water proof my ass
why spend alot of money on something if its going to fucken just die like that
i'm going to try some hacks an what not some resets see if i can get the little bitch to turn back on
i am hoping to give this part of my life more time
but clearly i'm a single mother of 2 now so my time is limited because i am the only providor my children have so i work alot by the time i get home
i have to do my mom stuff clean cook take care of my kids
smelly hot work shoes and filthy sticky socks have been banging
but i havent listed anything in some time with being kicked off ebay and everything i still have my ebanned account and seldomly list on instagram but not many sales there
i closed my kik account it was pointless if you want to get ahold of me please do so via instagram goddessgloomysocks or email mamagloomy at gmail dot com

thats all for now i'll check back if its worth me using this anymore or if i just need to shut it down

Monday, September 3, 2018

panty hose up for auction

So i am trying to figure a few things out
really trying to get back onto ebay but things aren't panning out the correct way
i did make an account and it got flagged asap its being reviewed so until then
i will be sticking with sales on
you have to be a member clearly to make a purchase its worth a shot and i do indeed have positive feedbacks
there are a few new videos on youtube
and i will be smashing some food barefoot and socked

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

So its been a while

So its been awhile right
the goal is for me to get back to my normalness of sorts

i got a car that's a pos  ended up getting an suv because i expanded my family which was a mistake and a waste of 1800
and ended up going back to work early because my friend and co worker passed away
so i have been busy as hell with work and trying to get a clips4sale up and running
and a actual website up
but its me finding the time to do so

the goal is to be back on ebay with my Orginal account gloomygirl87 but i have to pay the fee for the reinstatement and some other shit but being you know a single parent that's not really in my cards because diapers and formula and whatever  my kids need come first so i will let you all know when i will be back on ebay but that will be a random sock auction every now and then on there and i will update my youtube and Instagram and here to let you all know when that will be and when they will be listed so in all hopes i don't get flagged and suspended again for a 3rd time...

i accept paypal venom google wallet and amazon because i have found it way helpful to do most of my littles shopping online i have a wish list and will be holding a contest soon

so do stay tuned..
have a good evening

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Sock raffle

listed on my Instagram page each 1.00 entry gets entered twice so each dollar gets your name entered twice can go up to 5 for 10 entrys..

drawing ends tomorrow at three entrys will be pulled by tomorrow at 4 no more entrys after 3pm my time

so get to it you could easily win a great pair of socks for dirt cheap!!!

Instagram goddessgloomysfeet

Saturday, January 13, 2018


My Old original seller account on ebay Gloomygirl87
is able to be reactivated!!!!

For my remainder balance..... of 60.00 in seller fee's because i had that one auction for 500 plus
and the buyer refused to make payment  and before i could dispute the false auction winner my account got shut down!!!!!

Soo if anyone wants to help me out
you can either squarecash me something to help at mamagloomy
and or via paypal please mark as gift!!!

all auctions via ebay will be set for short auctions only if it allows me to and i will post here on Instagram and my youtube~! to give you all a heads up on when to expect to look for my auctions to get to the bidding all auctions will now be listed at 30.00 buy it now i will be trying to do three auctions a week
i also have
one subscription via direct sale  one pair of socks for 12 months!!!! so 12 pairs total for
a small cost of 300.00 US Dollars that is for in the u.s. only for Out of state i am sorry it is 450.00 do to extra shipping charges!!!!

i am currently about to go on leave for  8 weeks soon and every penny i can shove away will help me stay afloat!!!

as you all know i am a single mother
and i am about to be a single mother of 2 instead of one!!!
i work full time and i am busting  a sweat every day at work
i am back on ebanned also
so feel free to find me there as well  Gloomygirl_87

i have a hand full of items up  for sale message me on either and or and lets do some business