Friday, January 29, 2021

holy crap its been almost a year

 Sooo apparently i've been neglecting  my daily updates....

i've desided to make a fansonly account since i dont sell on ebay anymore  due to being flagged and logged out and banned for months at a time for adult items

i still post often on my instagram..

i'm patiently waiting for my weird ass toe nail to grow back i dont exactly know how it happened but i totally lost a nail ...

the year of covid has been a nightmare.. works been either slammed or not busy at all and when its busy my checks have been a joke for all the time i spend on my feet...

so lots to hopfully change this year ideally i'll be ATTEMPTING to get some professional photos of my lovely feet.. i have a few things for sale currently.. but that will be listed stricktly on my instagram..

i'll see if i can load a photo on here from my phone to  my laptop i'm pretty ok with standard use with this thing i foolishly lended it out to my sister and her dude and when i repo'd it back it reeked of maple and smoke from someone smoking hear it... oh joys of not respecting other peoples property right!!

anyways 2020 was a shit year no meetups no nothing really... i'm a super helpful person or i can be a nightmare as some of you who follow me on my insta found out in dec. my sisters husband desided to throw his elbow into my face and break my nose.. which in sister and seen and she desided to claim she didnt see anything... soo when you guys ask me if we are doing any photos of videos togeather i'm sorry i've desided to cut her out of my life because it seems like the only reason i'm needed to her is to be a fucken wallet and really thats not what family's about.... 

she got married in nov. i was basically hounded to even go i clearly do  not support her choices in life.. 

if you cant find her on insta its because her weird junkie of a husband doesnt want her selling content with her feet.. or anything at all so that should answer any of those questions people keep asking me i'll be hopfuly putting a new video on youtube tonight of me just lotioning my feet becasue this weather is honestly a bitch and between being on my feet all day at work and running a small maintance thing afterwords they are pretty jacked... so hope this year is the year that i actually almost do everydays daily update 

night -goddessgloomy

Wednesday, April 15, 2020


so i did get a new phone finally
but have been super busy with work...

work work work

and with everything going on i wonder how is everyone doing
are you still working
hows life whats going on in your life

should i take the blog down or should i try to get back to my updating
photos ect


do not have any idea who started that one i just have been super  super busy with work and moving
and now basically home schooling because the schools are closed i'll see if i can do an hour a day ish to try and update things

gonna hunt down my polish and try to a home pedi live tomorrow on my youtube
dont forget to follow me on insta goddessgloomysfeet  if you dont already...

who still reads drop me a line

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Santa socks

So hello every one it has been a bit since i have updated.. i have a busy life as a single mother of 2 fantastic kids, i work full time and do all that single parent stuff that we all love ..
The working the cleaning the shopping the caring ...

I have a not been active as i once had been do to being beyond busy and exhausted from the work the kids trying to have a social life and helping my near by family whenever called to help..

Wheres my break right..  ill get one sooner or later
I am looking to sell these socks to assit with any of the following things im currently stressed over

Paying for the oral surgery im going to be having in January  its going to be anywhere from 600 to 1000 depends on the sliding scale if i even qualify

And clearly my Christmas shopping for my littles..

Possibly replacing my screwed up phone

And fixing my car
All items help going toward those following things

Im reachable by email , kik and Instagram,  YouTube
Item is up for private sale
Emails can  come directly too me at

Thursday, January 31, 2019

planned auctions~

who wants to welcome me back to e bay
with a first sock auction purchase hmmm???

if interested say me in comments

Saturday, January 19, 2019

another year another damn phone

So as the new year starts
we are 19 days in and i see i havent updated since sept.2018
so i'll be loading some new photos here tomorrow
and updating my youtube..
my phone is shot thats what i get for being helpful
dropped the stupid thing in the snow and now the screen is blacks upposedly water proof my ass
why spend alot of money on something if its going to fucken just die like that
i'm going to try some hacks an what not some resets see if i can get the little bitch to turn back on
i am hoping to give this part of my life more time
but clearly i'm a single mother of 2 now so my time is limited because i am the only providor my children have so i work alot by the time i get home
i have to do my mom stuff clean cook take care of my kids
smelly hot work shoes and filthy sticky socks have been banging
but i havent listed anything in some time with being kicked off ebay and everything i still have my ebanned account and seldomly list on instagram but not many sales there
i closed my kik account it was pointless if you want to get ahold of me please do so via instagram goddessgloomysocks or email mamagloomy at gmail dot com

thats all for now i'll check back if its worth me using this anymore or if i just need to shut it down

Monday, September 3, 2018

panty hose up for auction

So i am trying to figure a few things out
really trying to get back onto ebay but things aren't panning out the correct way
i did make an account and it got flagged asap its being reviewed so until then
i will be sticking with sales on
you have to be a member clearly to make a purchase its worth a shot and i do indeed have positive feedbacks
there are a few new videos on youtube
and i will be smashing some food barefoot and socked