Monday, June 12, 2017


here is a random update

the  guy I helped get setup is a major fraud found out he doesn't send his items out so buyers beware..

I have panties and socks on
nothing on ebay!!
unless requested
kinda like direct sale but items will be listed as new so I do not get flagged
lifes been  busy and woks  been heavy white an pink socks an sheer panties on ebanned

add me on kik goddessgloomy
follow me on Instagram goddessgloomysfeet

lots of walking around and gym time ontop of work

all u.s. shipping comes with tracking

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

life is good

Champion Shoes were sold
and have been shipped out
New Ebay auctions coming today

Contest socks???? were shipped and  have gone to a point to where I can no longer track so I will be sending a SECOND PAIR OUT FOR FREE To make sure all is well let alone this is coming out of my personal pocket... so do let me know when you get one of two pairs...
that is if you even read this anymore I did email contest winner back and never did get an email back after the item inquiry

as you know I had to make a new ebay account do to issues of them shutting my old one down

I will include auction links as they come up

As some of you know
some may not know


Life is good  regardless if its just me an my little one...
I work to keep us comfy I do not rely on anyone else to take care of me
I do not mooch of my parents we hardly speak ... I have thought of a roomie but I like
my home being ours and ours only... ya know

my little ones day of birth is around the corner so keep a look out for auctions
I intend on making his day very special
any auctions funds just will help make it bigger and better

new videos on youtube

much love

OOh and I got a hair cut its still past my shoulders but it indeed got a cut

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Socks On ebay


so my twin snapped some photos of my feet
they are scary they are my winter feet and now that spring is here
keep a look out for a update going to get a pedi this week
but before hand i am going to use my pedegg 
so the shavings are for sale
email me if interested or look on

co stars to come soon

Thursday, March 16, 2017

mix matched socks on ebay

Hello everyone here is a odd pair of ankle socks buy it now only 25 get it while it lasts

Monday, March 13, 2017


  Oldie but a goodie...
so I had a busy busy day at work and when I got home I desided to start to clear off my old desk top and transfer most of my files to my laptop and I found this lovely photo I still have them damn clog like flip flops as trashed as they may be I do love a vintage flop...

my wonderful car as you can see is still alive and doing well we hit our 3 year recently.. she needs a good washing but for some reason mother nature wanted to be a bitch and we got some snow.. again!! go figure seven days till spring and we're suppose to get snow like all week according to the thing on my phone

fyi I do NOT LIVE IN  A TRAILER PARK this is an old photo at a siblings house...
I live in a very interesting town home no trailers for this gal...

oh I did indeed get new shoes so I am listing theses bad boys on ebay
later today if not in the a.m.
super trashed champs my toes started poking out so its time for them  to retire and to move on to your  kick ass collection.. interested hmu at mamagloomy at
60 firm free shipping other wise will be on ebay by morning

videos are on the way just a busy gal
just sayin..

OOh and I did indeed get my tickets for Chicago open air this year VIP yay me now just to get the funds for a hotel for the weekend

Sunday, March 12, 2017


Shoes shoes shoes... so the socks that were won were shipped out shortly after winner came forwards I picked up a new pair of shoes
going to get my toes done this week and have auctions on ebay again mamagloomy87 and on
toe nail clippings and monthly trash!
pedegg shavings

my car is running great just donno what the blinker deal is

I went on a date that was fun and interesting...
tall cute funny very blunt it was really different for sure

anyways i'll be doing one day auctions on ebay so i'll try to keep things updated as much as possible
work has been busting my ass which means more smelly socks for you guys

new videos and photos lots coming soon