Tuesday, October 20, 2015

video update loading to youtube aswell


So as of lately i've been doing nothing but stressing i am a single mother of 1 and i do not get extra help with cash other than what i do for work and what little i make on here

i am looking for more business so if you have ideas please send them my way.. but if your willing to help me out even if its a few bucks please send any gifts via paypal
to sexycolorfullfeet@yahoo.com

my current issue is the last person i tried to date stole from me he stole money and medication that my son needed he stole it to make some cash and then didnt come home after getting caught up

so he ran up bills and no i dont want to sink help me stay afloat and keep me sailing :(

Monday, August 10, 2015


Sooo my week started out slightly shitty but
 has gotten better as the day has gone by apparently its gift Me week
one of my customers gave me neat little plant and my sister gave me cool salt an pepper shakers 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

sooo this week

Soo this week so far has not been good to me at all its been very long and stressfull the ex keeps seeking a second chance and i dont see any reason to my heart has been damnaged to the point to where i dont really care for a relateshionship at this time and bills keep lurking

i dont know what to do i'm at the point to were i dont even know if i should keep our beloved guinee Pigs frank and skeletor -_-

thursday nights i always work a double and tonight while at work my car desided to sky rocket and over heat to the max i think my water pump is going out i'm almost 100 fucken sure and this isnt in my budged

with my ex stiffing me with what he owes on his phone and his part of the bill it seems like my ship has offically sunk new vid on youtube

have a good night all


if INTERESTED in adopting a bill leave a comment

$50 towards water
$75 towards electric

$150 towards school supplys

in return texts and pictures for a month!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


To those who still read my blog i've been really down lately and i want to apologize for my lack of interest in keeping you all updated so will be trying to update more can anyone of you make your goddess happy?

just really stressed and school season is upon us my son returns to school by the end of the month and i have to get school supplys and re new my plates and still do day care and all my other bills i feel like i'm about to start drowning in my bills in reality i should be ok but this single mom is much harder than some make it seem!!

heres a new video
keep me in your thoughts and wish me luck!!!
let me stay afloat and not sink

as always love you all here is a link to my new video

Just dont want to fail my son -_-

Sunday, July 26, 2015


i've been under a lot of stress lately and i finally put my foot down literally , Ive been very down and cant seem to get out the funk i'm in my  mood is so down i dont seem to care anymore
i left josh aka my personal monster i do care and did love him very much even though he had put me threw so much hell within the past three years!

So he is refusing to give me the 700 cell phone i had bought him to use back even though its under my contract with sprint he is sticking me with all the bills he ran up , which i suppose i allowed him to run up

i'm a single mom trying to get back on track i just want my kid and i to be happy for once i want to take him fishing and swimming and be able to afford the school supplys i will be needing to get very soon

now i'm being very serious later tonight i will be putting some items up for direct sale to try to dig me out of the whole and to be able to assure my son will get whats needed for this coming school year. i cant ask his father because he is a worthless dead beat who hasnt seen called wrote his son in over two years almost

so what can i do ?

if your looking to purchase something you can inquire via email or comment

cell phone texts for a week $10 will include videos and pics
just need to catch a break