Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hmmm update socks and ped egg shavings??@?@ yum

Hello hello everyone!
what an awsomely hot day it is out today went to work this morning thinking it was going to be raining and gloomy out but i was wrong.. it got nice sunny and hot out.. i am starting a very serious stricked diet and workout starting with this every Morning workout

and then there is no need for me to work out in the afternoons because i am a house cleaner which is alot of bending, reaching, stretching and walking up and down alot of stairs .. so that tons of water and going to the park with my kid after work  so anyways this update is to show you a video of a pair of socks i have listed on EBAY RIGHT NOW!!! They are Ending very soon and you dont wanna miss out on this seriously rank pair of socks!!!


Been on for more than 3 days and becoming toxic in a good way ;)

anyways gotta finish cleaning up so enjoy some photos

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Update Update Update

As you all know i told you i told you earlyer in the day that i found my webcam for my laptop in a box anyways here is a video of my Red Toe nails and my well worn white flip flops..

White FlipFlops Red Toes

will be putting photos up soon but not this very moment of sneakers and flipflops and stuff anyways have a fan fucken tastic weekend whats left of it anyways...

hello everyone who still reads this i know i'm lacking but i did find my webcam for my laptop so soon to update with outdoor fun