Wednesday, September 26, 2012

tastey sugarskull socks on ebay now

Hello everyone so far i have cleaned a total of 10 houses in these socks shoe worn only
wearing untill auction is over nice and tastey dont you just wanna lick them will add photos after work tomorrow i'm pulling a double so lots! of walking in these and my lovely smelly work shoes


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

woo fucken hoo got internet at home

Guess what bitches i'm Back and offically have internet at home now
so keep a look out for more horrific daily updates
love you all maggots
Goddess Gloomy
drama gloomy & sexycolorfullfeet

Thursday, September 13, 2012

upate socks on ebay !! white an pink socks

bid is still low i need to get a new senser for car and a  new clutch so i need around 300bucks
and i'm working full time cleaning houses so my socks are pretty damn smelly and great so here is an update i have been wearing these socks for more than 4 days

so these socks have helped me clean 30 houses and counting so far why not buy them and give them a good unbeaten home and you wont regret it they smell awsome

come check them out


Sunday, September 2, 2012


adidas socks on ebay now bitchs go look   <<<click it

adidas socks

alright i attempted to update this a few moments ago but failed because my shitty ass laptop desided to crap out on me so i had to run home and get my power cord

but again i am sitting back outside of my car updating this while i watch my sexy work on a car trans.. anyways..
whats new with me i recently was kicked out again and finally found a good steady place to stay untill i can come up with the deposit for an apartment which i will need 850 to move in but i dont have it i get paid weekly but just started working again so my checksa arent that great but anyways the blue fila socks are still for sale because ebay flagged my auction because i was flipping you guys off???

so if you guys wanna buy them go ahead let me know other wise i am listing them  again on ebay for a decently fair price  anyways here are a pair of adidas socks that i have for sale so keep a look out on ebay for them they will be listed on there today in the next few moments
listening to local H high fiving mother fucker