Tuesday, February 9, 2016


yeah i'm  a major slacker but hey atleast i'm still around being kick ass as usuall
just you , you guys know i did file a claim with ebay against the new high bidders on the two seperate items that were sadly never paid for and ebay still charged me to seller fee's for both items
yes i attempted to agrue with them and for doing so they ended up flagging 6 of my passed items for them being ADULT related items go figure so they hit for for 80.00 and some change which is a little ridicluse if you ask me but its whatever i am still listing on ebay and will be doing so after i post this
the 500 socks i still have and they are still bagged

anyways i have mix matched hanes tube socks that are being listed and two other pairs
i do accept bill adoption so if that is something you are looking for i'd be more than happy to allow you to do so

i recently have a wonderful guy who adopted a few of my bills and in doing so he is getting a care package
which includes dirty sock filled with pop corn foot dust nail clippings and photos

if you interested in something like that let me know i will be adding photos later and item links also new videos on youtube
so hope you all have a wonderful day

because its a new year new me i've lost some weight i'm down to 149 from 155 so i am trying hard to get down to my orginal goal of 135lbs

and i was offering foot job videos with my last partner but he ended up turning into a cheating bastard that was just using me because i'm a kick ass single mom who supports her self i have my own home i own my car and i pay my bills and well
he was a bill i am not willing to take care of anymore
soo sad because i'm worth more than that


if your interested in adopting the bill for me and my one and only  (  my son )
to go out for dinner on Vday that would be wonderful was going to take one of my girlfriends who is also a rocken hot single mom

so let me know!!!
take care you'll hear from me later ooh and you guys totally need to check this guy out he does covers