Monday, September 30, 2013

Champion brand shoes

 Hello everyone i suppose its been a while,
i know i say i'm suppose to be doing a weekly to daily update but with my type of life its hard to do.

things have been busy with work and forever hectic in my life. Things are never fair in the supposed love world. for that i'll never find that for myself but always for my feet :) , which is alright with me for now anyways

the pictures you see here are of shoes i'll have for sale shortly. As you can see they are champion brand sneakers they are a little snug but i can wear them with our without socks i've been wearing them mostly without though. I need to take my bag of socks and pair them.!
 Anyways been working alot and if you all didnt know i made caption at work which means i'll get a higher pay.
but i'm sadly getting very drained from my job and pulled something in my shoulder and the middle of my back. i could use a foot rub but cant get someone to rub them.
So i do it myself but find it highly boring.

anyways the fall is in the air its hoodie weather and i love it.

Gonna start yanking out my thicker socks shortly
and am also looking for free thick socks if you wanna send me any.
 email me saying sock donations to
or send a donation threw paypal to same address as gift.

anyways been stressed with alot my supposed twin talking shit. Oh well i know i work hard and have had a job for over a year i've been doing my feet stuff since 2011 i work hard for my natural foot oder to come out so i can share it with you all. :)
i dont use fake perfumes and i dont allow anyone else to wear my wonderful smelly socks  to sell them

Found a new chat i'll be on more often
Look me up sexycolorfullfeet
   Also i have a pair of smelly socks for sale a month + worth of wear

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

socks and sneakers

IF I EVER STRAY Listening to

Hello everyone today i am going to show you a pair of sneakers i have for direct sale along with a pair of low ankle no show socks mix matched but still white

Sunday, September 8, 2013



Hello everyone thought i'd share another photo from my outting the other day i am currently going to be selling photo lots
under the following titles

*BabyOiled feet 

* Tied up Feet

* Stuffed animal Crushing

* Have me Right you  name on my feet

*Outside bare foot or socked feet

*Food Crushing

 * blast from the past - all socks i've sold in the past

all photo sets are $ 35.00

Web Cam sessions 5 mins $15.00
10 mins $30.00

--- Food Items --
Pop Corn in a dirty sock $25.00
Dirty Shoe Water $ 15.00
Taco shells' in the form of my feet with imprints of toes $10.00

Cookies Made with my feet  50.00 will include photos and video

Getting ready for the holidays why not order some some tastey snacks

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


 Hello everyone
its been very beautiful out lately so i desided to do alot of photos
that i'll have photo lots of for sale
i also have a pair of socks for direct sale