Thursday, March 7, 2013

shame shame on you

My slave desided not to listen to me.. and i was also sent a photo of a girl someone on a former fourm site clams is me when i was younger

i am only 25 you rat bastard i'll eventually find out who said this supposed girl was me



ok I may be a little chunky but i've never been this small^^^ so keep dreaming
dramagloomy is going to make a come back eventually but goddessgloomy is here to stay i'm still the same as i use to be but i wont be sharing photos of myself around this girls age whom ever she is looks nice but is not me lets see if i can lose a little weight i've joined a gym for those who dont have the greatest income so again read it clear GIRL UP THERE NOT ME


SO anyways i'm 156lbs right now going to ton up and lose a little weight

but yes the slave in question is in serious trouble

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hello everyone  socks on ebay last ones were champion brand got a decent price every cent counts
my white sneakers are on there the ones i wear to work here are some photos. of them honestly they are a great shoe for the working lady i clean a ton of houses with these bad boys everyday so i should know but needing to get new work shoes so i am selling my lovely white sneakers i got from walmart a few months back i kinda usually wear them with socks but today i was in a rush do to the hectic ness that i've had to deal with since yesterday. and in that note its time for me an my son to get a place on our own so we dont need to deal with the drama i know its a shit thing to ask but i'm looking for gifted donations to my pp to and or to me threw walmart or bluebird card. we are needing to move by apirl and i dont have any dishs' no pots no pans no sofa all we have is our clothing and eachother at the moment and i would like to have a dining room table and chairs for me and my child to eat at. we've always lived with others and we continously get screwed over .

no matter what. i was recently ina relationship that i thought was going well but i saw things all wrong in reality its not safe for us to be here anymore and yea i still have auctions on ebay and ebanned to attempt to help with things
my green car the controll arm went out on so threw autozone they want like 140 for the part ouch the numnuts at the shop didnt know how to drive my five speed eagel summit and ended up not only knocking my balljoint lose but also breaking the controll arm i informed them it wasnt like that when i dropped the car off and that it was there fault i had to drive my car home in that condish because they refused to fix the damnage they had done

so here i am trying to sell my sneakers and socks and whatever i can sell to make enough money to fix my green monster of a car that i adore and to get my son and i a home
something we've never had on our own

and other auctions i may have on ebay and ebanned
socks below will be listed on ebay

Saturday, March 2, 2013

damn it

Hello everyone i recently got a new camera you can all see my auction that is going to end shortly on ebay
i am still gloomygirl 87 the socks in question on ebay will smell like my feet i accept online payments and other forms of payment  if total for socks goes over 20 you'll get a free disc with photos but here is the auction


Socks champion brand