Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh Do You Like Dr Seuss

Soo here are a pair of socks i kind of forgot about !! i tend to wear socks and then bag them and throw them in my closet untill i intend on wearing them again so i was cleaning my closet today and found a pair of my dirty dr seuss socks i opened the bag and gave them a sniff
and what did i find
a great for you all.
Would if you could Smell my socks In a Box?
Or how about with a fox? Ha thats me attempting to be funny but it didnt work anyways they are a great pair of dirty thing one and thing two socks i have pictures of me on a walk with them and at the park i'm actually putting them on right now to go for a run i'll take a picture when i get back and post a link to auction when 'm done

take care all much love goddess gloomy

Well Worn filas on ebay Sold .... But!!!

Hello everyone the socks i posted about yesterday sold for the buy it now of 55 yay not what i wanted to really get but its better than nothing i'm not greedy.

I have a little update about some socks i sent out to the UK
 So here is this ones story i sent out a pair of socks to the uk and the guy seemed really cool about it he paid i sent out the socks asap i filled out the customs form and everything. what i did not offer was insurance though because i just dont do that unless the buyer is willing to pay for it so i'm like YAY i made 71 dollars on a pair of AWSOME FUNKY ass lovely white an pink socks that ironicly i had listed on here when i 1st started this whole blog thing so .. how does this involve the blue socks that i just sold for 55

Well i went to go to my paypal and do the transfer so i could have the money on time for me to pay my storage locker which is 110 a month plus my phone bill which is 55 a month and then figure out how to pay my electric bill . still an behind and have gotten a few notices but i am attempting to do this alone without any help the locker i was shareing with a family member but they refuse to put in there part on it!!
so i'm like fuck i'm screwed what am i  to do.

anyways back to the socks i went to go pull the money out and i noticed it says i['m 17dollars in the whole because the guy in the uk opened an ebay case against me saying i never sent out his item and that he WILL get his money back. i'm a really decent person i sent out his item and told him when i sent it out when i'm in the US an he is in the UK the item has to go threw customs he is wanting to basicly get the socks and his money back i think thats a little fucked up to be honest i have all the proof but ebay says they have to deside
for some reason the buyer thinks he is in the right and that i am in the wrong and that they will be on his side and take my $ that i earned
i'm stressed i only have 5dollars in the bank and 11dollers in cash on me!
so yeah any opinions on the whole uk guy
should i stop offereing international shipping because some jackass is trying to screw me over or what should i do

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grr in a bad mood depressed but HEY HERE is an update

Hello everyone who reads this i'm sure its not many though. for some reason my most recent auction keeps getting flagged but i thought i'd give everyone an update i'm sorry its been a few days i've been a little stressed and depressed. if you want to really get to know me and the type of person i am i do have feelings i'm not some dumb slut attempting to sell used items. 
The reason i sell items online is to take care of my 4year old son. because i am currently unemployed and i am currently trying to fight to keep our belongings which we have in a storage locker and i'm going to sadly ask if anyone is interested in sending me a donation either threw paypal or threw the walmart money center online. i'm  a good person i may be moody i may be bitchy at times but i have been recently screwed over when it comes to money i'm trying to figure out how to get our bills paid i was stupid and loaned out money and well lets just say i was told i will not be getting it back.

 So i want you all to know i am the real fucking deal i do bussiness well and i do as much as i can to get ahold of customers.sometimes my shit gets shut off internet wise so i can get by on my phone if needed
but if worse comes to worse i always find a way i'm not some weird girl who rips people off

here is a link to my auction lets hope it doesnt get flagged 
i have been doing alot of walking still pet sitting for a friend and doing all the walking to her house which is a good long walk away. 
cleaned a basement with them on . been doing alot of walking, some shoping i am going to start seriously running in the morning sometime after i go get some sleep so they are going to be killer strong
afterwords they are strong right now but they will be POWERFULL 
heres a picture i had taken yesterday

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Over a weeks worth of seasoning nice an tastey
when they arent on my feet they are safely stored into a ziplock baggy and now i see i can use my webcam on here for photos so a daily photo or two will be considered my next pair of socks are a pair of thing one and thing two socks with purple tips an heels

damn you filas

So okay i am going to change the title  to ever few days updates do to the reasoning i dont feel like taking pictures every day i mean i can but i am going to say no for right now. But we shall see i may end up changing my mind who knows.. i sure as hell dont anyways the guy who wanted to buys these bad boy backed out they have a seriously strong oder right now..
what a shame if the guy on ebay doesnt take the second chance offer these will end up going on
but again we will see within a days time. but they are super tastey... anyways so far as to an update the socks i've gone for 4 more walks in them and am wearing them at this very moment ..  i seriously just toke these pictures less than five mins ago.  
i have to go let my friends dog out again so thats another six blocks  one way  so about 12 blocks round trip then i'm going to a show in chicago tonight so i'll be on my feet alot ^.^ oh yeah
these are getting all the action they can get before finding a new owner these have been strickly shoe worn. 
anyways if you read this feel free to drop me a line in myEmail can be reached at
i'm sure i've stated this before someone may know me as dramagloomy formally from GIS.NET i am no longer on there do to drama i did not start. i'm also on the den which is i'm sure thats what its called

anyways if you know of any sock sites i may be interested in 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Goddess Gloomys Toxic Workout socks

Hello one and all i know i know its been a dreadfull past few days i have still been under the weather and have been attempting to get things done. but anyways.... here are a pair of fila socks i have been working on lots of working outeven though i have been sick these bad boys have a killer smell and are seeking a new owner

yesterdays activitys went for an hour walk.
the day before tat 45 min workout

today: working out and going for a walk to the post office and to the store
here are some pictures
they are for sale on ebay right now  

Thursday, June 7, 2012


okay so as for the past couple of days i ended up getting very dehydrated and ended up in the hospital so i am now back and can do an update on items today  ... i was recommended not to drink anymore redbull for the next few days

Monday, June 4, 2012

Last peek at Green Tipped socks that sold on ebay

Well well looks like my green tipped socks sold for a mildly disapointing price but its good that they sold .. here are some pictures of them the other day i did a ton of walking and when i got home i went to my friends house and cleaned out her dog kennels for some extra cash so here are the pictures going to wear them all day today and clean my house and go walk my friends dog and either get them shipped out tonight before my post office closes or frist thing in the morning so i know they are nice and smelly just the way i like them :)

will post about a new pair later tonight

On a side note i'll be cleaning a friends house more on a reg. basis so i'm back into house cleaning so more on my feet i shall be along with pet sitting and since i am still saving up for a car!! i walk every where i go anyways keep in mind of all the walking i do but anyways thanks to those who read my blog it shows that i am not forgotten since being banned from GIS site i'm not a bad person and i am not a greedy person i am a very down to earth person and easy to get along with so i am on here! ebay, ebanned, craigslist, facebook, and i do direct sales and cam sessions on skype or threw yahoo for more information on that feel free to drop me a line

Saturday, June 2, 2012

another night of walking

okay last night i went for two different walks long walks here is me getting ready i'm still wearing the beverly hills sport socks and i'm going for another hour walk right now so i will take my camera and take some photos  sorry i look all frummpy but i like to wear heavy shirts when on walks so i swet more