Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fuck you ebay

So i'm on hold with ebay right now because they do not wish to re instate my ebay account Gloomygirl87 . Because I sell used items which is a bunch of bull shit because people sell used items everyday ... I just purchased a used bra and I don't see them harassing the seller..

I state everything is ( washed ) but even at that because I showed the item being worn its a violation???????? So yeah if you want to buy anything  via ebay threw me you need to email me directly and we can set up a buy it now item via my friends account who is listing things for me apparently things I can not wear in auctions

so items will be on a flat surface not on my foot like usual

If interested in Purchasing an item from me VIA EBAY please contact me directly so we can arrange something

Other wise all sales will be direct and or Via ebanned.net screw ebay follow me there or purchase directly I accept google wallet, greendot refill cards, p pal and other ways

I am going to continue selling but i'm gonna have to see that its worth it I have some items other than socks on ebanned... Are you into being a sissy ??? Then I have the puuurfect... item for you
a beautiful sheer purple nightie ;)  bet your fine ass would rock it .. not as well as me but i'm sure you'd be a hot little sissy wearing my sleepwear!!!

I have socks and shoes that I will be listing

tonight so don't forget to follow me on
Ebanned.net Gloomygirl_87

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Suspended From ebay!!!

got a 12 months suspenion from ebay for selling socks

i do have access to another account inquire directly 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

White pink no show peds


Soo here we are again,
I am doing my best to do daily updates today I wore a pair of white an pink no show peds today in my tan sketchers that slip on... and desided to share them with you today
they will be on ebay for a reasonable buy it now price
photos will be included in all auctions a disc with be sent with all items unless you'd rather me email them directly to you..
so today was a semi easy day I came home worked out and am about to do some cleaning up as you can tell there is some discoloring in the socks
and they hold a good decent smell

my stalker is all butt hurt because I called him out because
he isn't a man and really should just piss off

karma my dear will catch ya and that goes to anyone anyways ... foot dust person did not pay for on ebanned.net is still available along with some eatables smashed bannans' ect..
will have a video of that later tonight.. but anyways there is a video that will be listed on youtube later along with the link for these socks that will be going onto ebay the last auction of socks the person backed out after bidding one last time to be the last high bidd it is being relisted... again!!!!
if you don't wanna pay for it do me a favor I love you all but do not bid if you do not intend on fallfilling  payments anyways
gotta run i'll update later

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Socks Get them while they are here

both pairs on ebay  now
videos on youtube


Soo i over slept and missed the bus for my little guy so i had to call off of work....
the joys of being a mom i ended up missing work and stayed home and chilled all day watching Cartoons The joys of being a single mom and being able to say i have a home a job and my kid is a truly great success we may struggle every now and then but we have eachother and thats all that really matters...

my ps3 is down and so is our xbox....

Gifts to your goddess via mail can be send to GoddessGloomy  p.o.box 6 dekalb il 60115 i'll be pulling this down after the 14th so show your goddess some love remember cards cash gift cards shoes or socks are always welcome  Shoes 9 to 9 1/2 .. my favorite socks are puma Adidas and nike and Fila Oooh and Bras' always welcome must be new 34/36 D
you can always pay pal me gifts so i can do the shopping myself i have a wishlist on amazon.. if interested i'll be sharing that later

My sister could also use some new sneaks 8 in a half to  9

Monday, January 23, 2017

Send your Goddess Some Vday love Cards in the mail!!!

 So as some of you may know 
Your Goddess is Very single which is rare

and i'm ok with that instead of dealing with Fake ass Men  Who do not know how to treat women

I am Giving you the chance to be my Valentine For 2017 You may mail me something to my P.o.Box
But you must inquire Directly to mamagloomy@gmail.com for my mailing address I do not wish to share it here for the world to see subject be mine

In return if treated right I will send you my beloved ring... 

it holds nothing but false promises and hopes. its a bad reminder of a past love and i want it gone...
i'm tempted to torch and smash it because i'm just sick of everything i have in my home that. that selfish prick ever gave me.. Soon to all go to good will or ebay..

Give me Truth however cold  or hard to hear i would rather have my heart bled and broken if it means i can move on than to waste another single moment of my time being fooled by a lie intended to preserve my feelings... 

Remember Maggots I can be very cold hearted and can turn my feelings off in a heart beat i can pretend you never once were in my life Once i remove you Your gone

So this retired slave can go screw himself
your loss not mine sweets i was the best thing that ever could of came into your life and i publicly throw you away and shame you Because your a horrible human being your no man at all
good luck with the whale and your circle jerk of a club your now in
if i shame you maybe you'll get the hint and piss off its offically been almost two years go away
stop the stalking ..

Sunday, January 22, 2017

WAYS OF Payments

Its that time again!!!!
Chicago open air and i am going
but would love if someone wanted to help upgrade me to vip this year
 as gift donations will get photos of the weekends events dirty socks, videos ect..
and perhaps even a veiwing of my feet when i get back to my hotel for the evening via video chat

i am back to the gym i work out at home still and am slowly but surly getting down to my goal..

payments for items
western union Online
GreenDot refill money card
amazon < i prefer paypal and others before amazon...

cash in mail at own risk

panties for sale...
socks for sale..
ebanned.net gloomygirl_87

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New socks On ebay

Hello hello my lovelys
I am back on ebanned.... and lots of goodies on there don't forget to look me up

panties, foot shavings ect...

Socks on ebay!!

19 hours left!!!

Direct sale only -
Foot job photos and videos
  Sexy photos legs feet, sexy outfits ;)
Text me Photos Three photos a day via text for seven days only $25 for a video a day with photos its $35.00

all auctions are to help me purchase a bike in the spring time if not all funds go towards me purchasing a home next year!! we can make this happen
lets make some deals hmmm

I am going back to the gym this Friday but I work out five days a week at home I am going to be making changes and take selling my socks very seriously

Thursday, January 5, 2017


SOO I ended up having the worst new years ever went threw an emotional hay ride and stayed in even got up early the following day yay no hangover for me

and I failed to load auction and video super drained sick of people wanting to conduct business then blowing me off

bad business makes me way cranky