Sunday, May 22, 2016


So i have alot on my mind as of lately all packages have been sent out so please be patient and keep a look out for the mail!

i am asking anyone and everyone who is willing to help send some extra cash towards phone calls so my asshole other half can call me we are hoping for things to go the way we want them to with court but i do want the phone calls just cant afford it on my one if you can add anything at all to his books
Ogle County 12C
booking # 221780
name that shows up is Loren Goatcher
can have up to 100 a day and or.. 5 transactions a week via the website

if anyone can throw enough on for a few phone cards that would be greatly appreiated or paypal me the funds so i can transfer and add it myself

its killing me i shouldnt care but i do love my fool , he even likes to play with my feet in exchange you'll get some of our personal stashed photos ;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Socks an slippers update!!!

So you know i have my slippers listed on  ebay and some socks on ebanned but those arent going for what i want sooo here are the items for sale !!

dont forget to check them out and to bid more youtube videos on the way!!

nike shoes

heels to crush


Slippers super dirty 

Thursday, May 5, 2016



on ebay now!!! click link , bid
help me out all funding goes towards helping my mother out at the moment -_-*


Dirty slippers dirty socks

So today i am showing you some horrid terrible slippers that i have beat the crap out of
and they are officially  ready to find a new
collector / owner
could it be you???

well here they are in all their Glory!
check them out on!!

Monday, May 2, 2016



Finally finding my motivation again

Alright guys , sissy, germs and bitches i feel my motivation coming back
i dont know why and i donno how come but i have just put up a new video via youtube of a long overdue foot rub dirty socks clean feet and lotion

i am currently making sure i stay going all i do is work to take care of my son and currently taking care of my disabled mother so all i do is work work work and i'm so beyond sorry about ebay auctions being sent out late when it comes to the photo lots currently ran into an issue of my desktop computer taking a shit on me and i had to send it in to get worked on shitty for me more money out of my pocket that i can sadly not afford

i have FJ photos and a video for sale but at the price of 150 for video and photos i'm sorry the price is firm because i get 75% and the other goes towards the member thats helping me out  to make it happen

i am on my laptop so i am also able to access all my old sock photos so selling a disc of those 100+ photos for 25 each disc via mail only or can be sent on a junk drive if it is paid for so (35 if on a junk/thumb drive ) and 25 if only via disc.

anyways i'm excited and cant wait to get back into business dont forget to check out my channel
like comment and or subscribe !!!!

much love

yours truely

Goddess gloomy / sexycolorfullfeet / DramaGloomy < totally went there
enjoy my lovelys

remember donations are always welcome

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