Sunday, May 22, 2016


So i have alot on my mind as of lately all packages have been sent out so please be patient and keep a look out for the mail!

i am asking anyone and everyone who is willing to help send some extra cash towards phone calls so my asshole other half can call me we are hoping for things to go the way we want them to with court but i do want the phone calls just cant afford it on my one if you can add anything at all to his books
Ogle County 12C
booking # 221780
name that shows up is Loren Goatcher
can have up to 100 a day and or.. 5 transactions a week via the website

if anyone can throw enough on for a few phone cards that would be greatly appreiated or paypal me the funds so i can transfer and add it myself

its killing me i shouldnt care but i do love my fool , he even likes to play with my feet in exchange you'll get some of our personal stashed photos ;)

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