Sunday, September 2, 2012

adidas socks

alright i attempted to update this a few moments ago but failed because my shitty ass laptop desided to crap out on me so i had to run home and get my power cord

but again i am sitting back outside of my car updating this while i watch my sexy work on a car trans.. anyways..
whats new with me i recently was kicked out again and finally found a good steady place to stay untill i can come up with the deposit for an apartment which i will need 850 to move in but i dont have it i get paid weekly but just started working again so my checksa arent that great but anyways the blue fila socks are still for sale because ebay flagged my auction because i was flipping you guys off???

so if you guys wanna buy them go ahead let me know other wise i am listing them  again on ebay for a decently fair price  anyways here are a pair of adidas socks that i have for sale so keep a look out on ebay for them they will be listed on there today in the next few moments
listening to local H high fiving mother fucker

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