Friday, July 8, 2016


7 days to go one week omg
I cant wait to go to this kick ass three day event with my one and only twin Kathy
we are accepting donations to make sure we don't get dehydrated like we usually do help us get some extra funds by donating to my paypal
please mark as gift!!
No notes maybe HAVE FUN , Send me A SHIRT!!
something anything small or large we never get to go do anything togeather and we are ready to go have a hell of a good time
i'm gloomy as shit but I am beyond excited and am not so gloomy about this subject matter

please do not forget to bid
and check out my items on ebay items will not be washed
also photos I am putting up were from straight after work no shower no washed face and a little amount of sleep
our hotel room is going to be 120.00 which is cheap
and cheap is key for us also parking is 60 for the 3 days total its twenty a day
any help would be great not necessary but we would appreciate anything
so go bid bid bid or gift gift gift
much love from me to you all

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