Saturday, July 2, 2016

yep update

So thought id give you all a update I have been having a lot of up and downs lately
and haven't been on here much I did get all packages out so please be patient things take time with the shitty postal service workers in my area ive had a hand full of items come back and ive had items that I paid for shipping and the other people got stuck paying extra to pick up packages which makes me wonder what the fuck is going on

anyways update
my lover is still in jail and I had half of the bond up until recently I've been busting my butt with private sales ect.

and the night I forget to lock my car not only is my car hit 15 plus others in the area got hit!
what was taken from me you may wonder a bit of things ironically and I am horrifically pissed off about it 1000 in cash from my glove box , my blue tooth headset that hangs from my mirror at night my digital camera again I have have lived here for over a year now and had minor issues but ive never had someone come into my carport in the middle of the night along with my neighbors and be pretty much robbed while I slept upstairs in my comfy bed so I have lost 1000 in cash about 20 bucks in change plus the blue tooth worth 35.00 plus my camera worth 200  I am completely baffled

i received  a package with a new laptop and some cash in it with a letter
you know who you are i really really appreciate it  but now i am taking steps back to re get the funds for my mad crazy fool
usually when it comes to a lover going to jail i don't even care but he  makes me happy and though i go by goddess gloomy i'm not so gloomy when he is with me his bond is 2500 so now i'm further behind do to recent events and i know this is a lot to ask if anyone can help or send donations you will be thanked and get a gift in the mail socks foot goods foot art photos or footprint art with a personal letter from yours truly

my son adores him
and he has not had the best male roll models with my past relationship all the verbal physical abuse i dealt with i'm happy to have me and my son in a home of our own that's safe and clean and we don't have to walk over eachother , all we are missing is the guy my son and i adore
to the more hardcore readers we can not replace the dead beat dad that ran off on my son over two years ago but my son has asked him if he would consider playing the roll of the fun dad that can be serious when need be our sunshine is currently on a very unwanted vacation and he wants to be home as much as we want him to be home!! any donatoions at all please send anything big or little to my paypal
can your goddess find her happiness again??
will be listing socks dirt cheap on ebay and so please keep a look out any extra is going to help

also going to an event that i didn't get the insurance on to just return my 250 three day event ticket so any funds towards either would be a big help !!!

love you all and keep a look out with this new laptop i can update from anywhere without a overheated battery or having to be plugged in 24/7

keep a look out for webcam updates via youtube

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