Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Well Worn filas on ebay Sold .... But!!!

Hello everyone the socks i posted about yesterday sold for the buy it now of 55 yay not what i wanted to really get but its better than nothing i'm not greedy.

I have a little update about some socks i sent out to the UK
 So here is this ones story i sent out a pair of socks to the uk and the guy seemed really cool about it he paid i sent out the socks asap i filled out the customs form and everything. what i did not offer was insurance though because i just dont do that unless the buyer is willing to pay for it so i'm like YAY i made 71 dollars on a pair of AWSOME FUNKY ass lovely white an pink socks that ironicly i had listed on here when i 1st started this whole blog thing so .. how does this involve the blue socks that i just sold for 55

Well i went to go to my paypal and do the transfer so i could have the money on time for me to pay my storage locker which is 110 a month plus my phone bill which is 55 a month and then figure out how to pay my electric bill . still an behind and have gotten a few notices but i am attempting to do this alone without any help the locker i was shareing with a family member but they refuse to put in there part on it!!
so i'm like fuck i'm screwed what am i  to do.

anyways back to the socks i went to go pull the money out and i noticed it says i['m 17dollars in the whole because the guy in the uk opened an ebay case against me saying i never sent out his item and that he WILL get his money back. i'm a really decent person i sent out his item and told him when i sent it out when i'm in the US an he is in the UK the item has to go threw customs he is wanting to basicly get the socks and his money back i think thats a little fucked up to be honest i have all the proof but ebay says they have to deside
for some reason the buyer thinks he is in the right and that i am in the wrong and that they will be on his side and take my $ that i earned
i'm stressed i only have 5dollars in the bank and 11dollers in cash on me!
so yeah any opinions on the whole uk guy
should i stop offereing international shipping because some jackass is trying to screw me over or what should i do

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