Saturday, June 16, 2012

damn you filas

So okay i am going to change the title  to ever few days updates do to the reasoning i dont feel like taking pictures every day i mean i can but i am going to say no for right now. But we shall see i may end up changing my mind who knows.. i sure as hell dont anyways the guy who wanted to buys these bad boy backed out they have a seriously strong oder right now..
what a shame if the guy on ebay doesnt take the second chance offer these will end up going on
but again we will see within a days time. but they are super tastey... anyways so far as to an update the socks i've gone for 4 more walks in them and am wearing them at this very moment ..  i seriously just toke these pictures less than five mins ago.  
i have to go let my friends dog out again so thats another six blocks  one way  so about 12 blocks round trip then i'm going to a show in chicago tonight so i'll be on my feet alot ^.^ oh yeah
these are getting all the action they can get before finding a new owner these have been strickly shoe worn. 
anyways if you read this feel free to drop me a line in myEmail can be reached at
i'm sure i've stated this before someone may know me as dramagloomy formally from GIS.NET i am no longer on there do to drama i did not start. i'm also on the den which is i'm sure thats what its called

anyways if you know of any sock sites i may be interested in 

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