Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh Do You Like Dr Seuss

Soo here are a pair of socks i kind of forgot about !! i tend to wear socks and then bag them and throw them in my closet untill i intend on wearing them again so i was cleaning my closet today and found a pair of my dirty dr seuss socks i opened the bag and gave them a sniff
and what did i find
a great for you all.
Would if you could Smell my socks In a Box?
Or how about with a fox? Ha thats me attempting to be funny but it didnt work anyways they are a great pair of dirty thing one and thing two socks i have pictures of me on a walk with them and at the park i'm actually putting them on right now to go for a run i'll take a picture when i get back and post a link to auction when 'm done

take care all much love goddess gloomy

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