Monday, June 4, 2012

Last peek at Green Tipped socks that sold on ebay

Well well looks like my green tipped socks sold for a mildly disapointing price but its good that they sold .. here are some pictures of them the other day i did a ton of walking and when i got home i went to my friends house and cleaned out her dog kennels for some extra cash so here are the pictures going to wear them all day today and clean my house and go walk my friends dog and either get them shipped out tonight before my post office closes or frist thing in the morning so i know they are nice and smelly just the way i like them :)

will post about a new pair later tonight

On a side note i'll be cleaning a friends house more on a reg. basis so i'm back into house cleaning so more on my feet i shall be along with pet sitting and since i am still saving up for a car!! i walk every where i go anyways keep in mind of all the walking i do but anyways thanks to those who read my blog it shows that i am not forgotten since being banned from GIS site i'm not a bad person and i am not a greedy person i am a very down to earth person and easy to get along with so i am on here! ebay, ebanned, craigslist, facebook, and i do direct sales and cam sessions on skype or threw yahoo for more information on that feel free to drop me a line

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