Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grr in a bad mood depressed but HEY HERE is an update

Hello everyone who reads this i'm sure its not many though. for some reason my most recent auction keeps getting flagged but i thought i'd give everyone an update i'm sorry its been a few days i've been a little stressed and depressed. if you want to really get to know me and the type of person i am i do have feelings i'm not some dumb slut attempting to sell used items. 
The reason i sell items online is to take care of my 4year old son. because i am currently unemployed and i am currently trying to fight to keep our belongings which we have in a storage locker and i'm going to sadly ask if anyone is interested in sending me a donation either threw paypal or threw the walmart money center online. i'm  a good person i may be moody i may be bitchy at times but i have been recently screwed over when it comes to money i'm trying to figure out how to get our bills paid i was stupid and loaned out money and well lets just say i was told i will not be getting it back.

 So i want you all to know i am the real fucking deal i do bussiness well and i do as much as i can to get ahold of customers.sometimes my shit gets shut off internet wise so i can get by on my phone if needed
but if worse comes to worse i always find a way i'm not some weird girl who rips people off

here is a link to my auction lets hope it doesnt get flagged 
i have been doing alot of walking still pet sitting for a friend and doing all the walking to her house which is a good long walk away. 
cleaned a basement with them on . been doing alot of walking, some shoping i am going to start seriously running in the morning sometime after i go get some sleep so they are going to be killer strong
afterwords they are strong right now but they will be POWERFULL 
heres a picture i had taken yesterday

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