Thursday, February 2, 2017

Video requests on youtube

Sooo i just found my messages on youtube wow donno how i didnt see them sooner some requests are going to be done and videos are going to be loaded by saturday

i'm gonna squish some fruit....
step on some photos..
and load some other videos

sock sales  will include
socks, Photos and video  for the low low price of 50.00 plus shipping
if you are interested please email me at

Got to save my Car needs more repairs!!!!!
it is currently Grounded in my carport.... fucken bitch is gonna nickle and dime me....

of course any gifts to my p.pal will get a thank you video and or email with photos

want socks for a YEAR!!!! one pair a month for 12 MONTHS!!!
sale limited .... 150.00 will get you a pair of socks one pair a month for one whole year thats a hell of a deal....!!! each month you will receive a pair of socks ankle socks some kind of sporty sock and one or two random long pairs!!!! each one will come with a disc with a few photos and a letter telling you of the activitys and amount of wear i can only offer 3 of these will keep you posted on if any of these sell!!!

anyways looks like Me getting a motorcycle will HAVE TO WAIT!!!
ALSO Might have a second job soon sooooo more smelly socks more wear!!!
oh joy
cant get the second job unless i have a working car becaue i will have to travel out of town for it!!

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