Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fuck you ebay

So i'm on hold with ebay right now because they do not wish to re instate my ebay account Gloomygirl87 . Because I sell used items which is a bunch of bull shit because people sell used items everyday ... I just purchased a used bra and I don't see them harassing the seller..

I state everything is ( washed ) but even at that because I showed the item being worn its a violation???????? So yeah if you want to buy anything  via ebay threw me you need to email me directly and we can set up a buy it now item via my friends account who is listing things for me apparently things I can not wear in auctions

so items will be on a flat surface not on my foot like usual

If interested in Purchasing an item from me VIA EBAY please contact me directly so we can arrange something

Other wise all sales will be direct and or Via ebanned.net screw ebay follow me there or purchase directly I accept google wallet, greendot refill cards, p pal and other ways

I am going to continue selling but i'm gonna have to see that its worth it I have some items other than socks on ebanned... Are you into being a sissy ??? Then I have the puuurfect... item for you
a beautiful sheer purple nightie ;)  bet your fine ass would rock it .. not as well as me but i'm sure you'd be a hot little sissy wearing my sleepwear!!!

I have socks and shoes that I will be listing

tonight so don't forget to follow me on
Ebanned.net Gloomygirl_87

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