Friday, February 3, 2017


Congrats on making it threw the week everyone... too bad i still have to hit work tomorrow but hey a check is a check right???

Soo i'll be listing some auctions on ebanned you should inquire about them
very tastey two pairs of socks that got flagged by ebay
before they banned me for a year!! 
pair of white and pink socks both are white an pink ones just darker than the other
branded unknown for darker pink
light pink and white peds both super nice worth checking out
since my car is down again any lil bit counts to go towards trying to fix it
i think its the starter ...... thats 160 at autozone before the core fee.. i gotta
get her up an running before the weekends over!!! 

funny note my boss said she'd probably fire me if i took the fat bastard back HAHAHA
that'll never happen def not worth my job of almost five years!!

anyways.... No mail from anyone no cards nothing huh how sad.. lol
its ok i love me an thats all that matters

Look for me on Ebay (LadyGoatcherSocks)

will be listing or trying to 
other wise do check out
or inquire directly
cheers to all us hard working people!!!
i am far from being Miserable 

i have a ton of things to be happy about
life my lil one having a job having some family left

happy Friday keep a lookout for new videos on youtube
OtHER PINKS will load photo later

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