Tuesday, November 8, 2016

OOh these poor lonely lee brand white and pink sockies

I have been really mean and hard on a lot of my socks lately
I Think that they need some super caring love from someone who wont abuse them the way I do
I am on my feet from 5 a.m. working out in the a.m hours get to work by 8a.m. work until about 5:30 and work is picking up so they are getting super hot and nasty just like you like them

I think you guys should consider these socks right here
on ebay right now I am pushing it to a three day auction
all funds go towards the coming holidays and to give me a break..
Single day auctions will be returning I am also
listing a few others but here is a link to the LEE brand socks...


I will load a video in the A.M. when I get up an get my coffee its almost One in the morning right now so I gotta crash in my big comfy bed

keep a look out for that video my lovelys happy bidding here are some photos

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