Sunday, November 27, 2016

Soo tomorrow

will tomorrow be the outta jail free card given or will it not only time will tell no hopes up over here

anyways my xmas tree is up and awaiting auctions to flow so I can load up the tree for my little guy

my p.o.s. ex Magically had to go get back surgery and he is nothing but a lier and a loser

its a good thing he found himself a nice new fat foolish bitch who will pretty much lick his nasty ass clean.. I don't help anyone who has screwed up my emotional state so much


she is nothing but trash just like he is so maybe he can go beat her head in and choke her ass out

cause I don't play like that
only choking I like is sexually

plus I didn't realize what I was missing out on  .... its not always the size that matters

but it is soo much nice :) no more getting crushed for this gal..


enough of my ranting I hate you I know you'll read this your nothing to me I hope you know mr.Albright your a horrid person to let work on cars , your a terrible father and your a disgusting pig who instead of trying goes and fucks the first thing that will let you throw some flower down to find her spot ....

I got this , I cant say I've ever been happier I have great friends and customers who help me
in more ways than one.. don't need an abuser to go on with life..

i'm not actually seeing anyone a on and off again fling is nicer than having a needy whiny mama's boy who still sucks his thumb at the age of 32...

anyways auctions auctions auctions

sorry guys that fucker stalks my shit so I thought i'd be a little bit of a cunt

shoes and socks coming soon one day auctions only buy it now gets free shipping plus a disc with photos

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