Monday, August 22, 2016


Listening to : Luke Bryan - Games

So for some of you who talk to me on Kik I Don't drink as often as I use to Soo to those that I vent to which is only ONE OF you because your pretty much That dude
sorry for the drunken Emotional text

Too bad you all aren't as special as this guy haha
Yup think you toke Number ones spot
Congrats to that
to get to other business
Men are assholes we all know this look in the mirror and accept it

Some how I locked myself out of my ebay account... trying to get my stuff reset
usually easy as hell but for some reason its giving me a hell of a time

if your purchased something and usually contact me on ebay please email me directly via
Sexycolorfullfeet put ebay in subject or leave me a comment here

find a way to get ahold of me

thtat is all for now

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