Friday, September 9, 2016

He use to take my breath away

He use to take my breath way , but now I realize I was suffocated by his bullshit
This is me just being upset about some recent events

The fat crazy ex He fucked up pretty much told me to go kill myself last night
couldn't care after all I've delt with told  me he could care less if me and my son died tomorrow
and some other hurtful things

I am much to strong for this. I can not and will not let it effect me today. its fucken Friday for god sacks

I may be taking a break from this i'm not sure I adore you all as much as you adore me

menally i'm drained I can not be nice to everyone

expecially to someone who use to hold the key to my dark fucked up heart
his fault he is not my one and only
he broke me down to the very last ince of insanity I will always love that fool but I can not and will not allow myself to deal with the abuse

I know you are shadowing my shit
since you informed me of your stalker behavior have fun with your
cow I know my worth
and I know I'm out of your league you just got lucky and made me blind for three years

Future posts I will not give you the attention you seek
your dead to me now
peace bitch

and to my followers
any positive thoughts in comments to help lift my mood would be much appreciated
thanks for taking the time

fyi my nail still hasn't fallen off if your interested in that sick little treat email or comment to inquire email status ( the nail chip )


  1. I had wrote a heartfelt and lengthy response after reading this and a couple of your other posts but my Goddamn smart phone did something stupid and erased all of that.

    I would rewrite it now but I am a little drained and deflated. Instead, I can tell you that I went through 12 years of drunken stupor, despair, and hopelessness after someone I was deeply in love with betrayed me. If you want to talk about it, feel free at any time to reply to this comment. For the record, I am a 40 year old male, married, and have a nine year old daughter. I only mention this because I know you are having issues with trust right now so I hope my mentioning of these things will alleviate as much ambiguity as possible. Either way, I wish you well and I hope you will understand someday that your self worth and your well being is entirely in your hands if you make a conscious effort to.

    1. Thank you, if you have kik feel free to drop me a line Goddessgloomy