Thursday, August 18, 2016

thoughts and feelings

This entry has nothing to do with socks,
this entry has something to do with thoughts and feelings

I am a very caring person and when I love my love is true
You all know I have not had the best of luck with men and the person
that I thought was That person Is the one who betrayed me
I moved on and I found my Loren he makes me happy

all I can say is You messed up you broke my heart this isn't my fault
and its not my fault you were a violent asshole who thought it was okay to
be little me and treat me and my child like we didn't matter
all we wanted was a happy family , and to have someone who we could share our days with
women and children are suppose to be able to look up to a man
to bad for you , you showed us you are not a man
you are the one who pushed us away
you begged and begged for another chance
and where are we today
I am done talking to you because all you do is  lie
you couldn't even be a honest man when we were attempting to talk
like normal human beings
I hope your happy with your choices
and you'll see I wasn't the issue and I wasn't to blame for your anger issues
when you slap that dirty trashy  Whore i'm going to relish in the moment
that I was right that you are nothing but a abusive bastard
you only love you and only cared about what you could get from someone

you are not the same person so please do me the favor stop telling people you still
love me because at the end of every night you only care about you

you will never know what love really is the love I had for you was true
I would of taken a bullet for you, to bad you wouldn't of done the same.
Not my first love I have gave up on when you love someone
and its not returned the best thing can possibly do
to stop yourself from getting hurt any more is to
walk away,


If someone loves someone full and true one can not willingly cheat because the thought of hurting someone you love would cripple you. You would be terrified of hurting that person remember that
life is full of ups and downs

and I hope
this time

This time i'm going to make this work
I hope I found someone who loves me for me and is willing to attempt to put there all
not Go fuck a bitch in their sisters basement like a dirty filthy pig

Love you Loren
Hope we'll make it
just don't break my heart because i'll break you if you do

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