Saturday, February 28, 2015

ultimately betrayed

So i have had a very horrific week, IT all started last saturday and i have been slacking on updating because i've been horribly upset last saturday i had my heart broken without even knowning untill this thursday. But let me start from saturday do my usual go out with my supposed boyfriend!
we end up arguing because he is a selfish jerk and thinks it ok to mistreat me in front of others so i had enough and i walked home and he desided to Stay so apparently when i was home sleeping he drank and got high and was foolish and FUCKED someone i assumed was  Friend apparently
they both thought it was best for me NOT TO FIND OUT . So me not knowing on sunday we went to his daughters birthday party which was the plan i go after not wanting to go and it went well for the most part.

Anyways had a decent family day at the party and as we were getting things ready to go SOME little boy Pushed my son Rio and he tried to catch himself from falling and ended up putting his arm threw a six pan glass door and it slit his wrist, If i had known of the events that had happened saturday night me and my son would of not of attended this party and we would of not had to go to the hopsital sunday evening to  deal with this horrific event  my son had to get 14 staples on his wrist
 this is what it looked like after they cleaned it
   and this is what it looked like after they stapled him, To me this should not of happened to me , i dont believe children should put there hands on one another and i also believe my son is owed an apologie and when i asked for that My supposed other half threw a fit about it like i was wrong for asking, Then the rumors started the fallowing monday which was our Family day me and rio and My other Half Josh all went out we an rio called off of work and school went to rios fav place the tilted kilt then to the mall and build a bear got him a Ninja Turtle customized for him of course his fav the red turtle rapheal  had a wonderful day and we were suppose to go look at a house because things were looking better and i thought well maybe we can work out maybe i can actually be happy. Then BOOM the week goes by and i finally ask Carrie the Suppose to be my friend ex co worker and she tells me that she did in fact sleep with my boyfriend on saturday evening like it was nothing! yeah she said sorry but sorry doesnt fix things and it sure as hell didnt help my now broken heart

Considering she is a married women i want to know why the fuck she thought it was okay to horn in on my relationship  SHE HAS  A HUSBAND AND TWO KIDS?
WHAT COULD SHE BENIFIT from doing this?!;1;1 i dont fucking No
i'm beyond upset and heart broken because i have forgivin the physical and all the emotional abuse
that one should never have to deal with!
now he is asking for forgiveness for one last shot now why should i
i dont beleave i should
i dont think this one last sorry is even forgivable

So now i am asking you all for help for me to move on
i have the funding to move i on the other hand dont have the funding to get furniture

because i cant take my bed
He slept with her  walked home stripped down to his birthday suit and had the insaine thought to think it was okay to LAY IN BED WITH ME NAKED? AFTER HE FUCKED HER!!!

maybe i'm blowing it out of the water
but i do know i think its time for me to leave if i can some how get 400 i can replace my bed and get a sofa  so if anyone can have a heart and help me move on i would appreciate it greatly

Email if interested in helping
subject I can help

Thank You all You all are Great wonderful people and i appreciate All of you dearly


  1. I'm sorry to hear that. I know we've had are ups and down but I truly would never wish this on you or anyone. I hope thing get better for you

    1. I got the townhouse just need to get a new bed well mattress at least can move on next week

    2. I Hope everything workout keep me posted if you want