Friday, February 13, 2015

Okay soo i'm slightly delayed on this

Soooo whats new with all you awsome people i got a kick ass  feed back from my beloved solebug i'll share a screen shot with my next post  so you all can see for yourself but apparently they kick ass fuck your nose over because they never lost there scent!!! which is great and apparently crusted over so there i'm not a freaken flop guys i'm awesome sauce ! anyways i've got a pair of white and pink socks that were listed on ebay but some fuck face cunt flagged it because they were angry that i was getting bids and there bitch ass wasnt! but thats ok because i am going to give you guys the chance to buy them :) white and pink socks  Lee brand cozy cotton socks nice and thick if your interested in seeing them then just drop me a line threw my comment section or on yahoo email to sexycolorfullfeet make sure you write i'm your bitch for pink socks in subject!  alright??

OOOh and my retard ex that i left ages ago tried to black mail me because his cunt face ugly new baby mama  saw he was texting me told me to leave her family alone???!? uh sorry sweetie he was the one texting me sorry if he isnt happy with your uglyness!  want her info feel free to ask for it want to stalk my ex i'll give you to his number :)

anyways love you all your awsome

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