Saturday, February 7, 2015

New year new update

Thought I'd give you guys all a new update I have listed many new auctions on eBay within the past month or so had a lot of people not pay for the items which is really aggravating work is really busy so it kind of takes a bit for me to get back to you email me you need to remember I do not have internet at home I only have it on my cell phone so I cannot get online on my computer I also have a pair of socks listed on eBay right now they're white and pink athletic socks size 9 to 11 and any funding that I kept from any of my auctions will go towards this year's Mudderella that my coworkers and I will be participating in we will be the merry mudders so please check out my auctions and if you're interested in a direct sale of photos or socks or shoes let me know directly or if you'd like to send donations feel free to drop me one on PayPal

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