Friday, December 30, 2016

a new year

A new year is fastly approaching and had taken all my might to put myself out there and asked first and got shot down right to china town so I am disappointed in myself very much so

my car is still a pain in the ass and full of nothing but problems today my car the rageing bitch I know her to be desided to not say hey bitch your low on gas.. and my breaks went out again so now I need to go be mega cunt and throw a fit...

and of course my twin calls gets her guy and my big ol fatty of an ex to save the day...
not exactly who I wanted to save the day.. but
if you read this you foolish jerk

thank you..
sorry i'm a cunt but you never really helped bring the better side of me out ...
only worried about showing everyone how much of a bitch I really am...

treat a lady like a lady and she will treat you with respect .... treat her like a chunk of meat or like one of the guys.... not going to get anywhere good with that.. just saying


this new year is I hope going to be better because jackass listed above got what he wanted
i'm freakishly lonely
and I have no one left
except my elf.. and you guys..

the jail bird should be out in about four months hate to give that guy another run... but
pretty much my last resort to finding any form of happiness

men these days only use you for things...
and i'm beyond over it I want a family
and I want a good strong relationship with respect...!!
its not asking much

anyways I will be listing a pair of socks that did not sell a few auctions ago
so keep a look out for them be the first to purchase a pair of my sexy dirty smelly socks
this new year!!! I will list auction around midnight so it will end at the start of 2017!!!

Sounds fun right...

anyways I am going to attempt to go out..
and have fun and I of course will be listing the socks I am wearing out tomorrow

even though my attempt at catching a date flopped  I don't have any backups lol
and i'm ok with going solo.. no kiss at midnight for this bitch.. maybe its a good thing

anyways love ya all
keep a look out for auction starts tonight at midnight video and photos will be added to blog tonight and to youtube!!!!

any gifts to paypal to help me bring in the new year are always welcomed!!!!

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