Thursday, August 6, 2015

sooo this week

Soo this week so far has not been good to me at all its been very long and stressfull the ex keeps seeking a second chance and i dont see any reason to my heart has been damnaged to the point to where i dont really care for a relateshionship at this time and bills keep lurking

i dont know what to do i'm at the point to were i dont even know if i should keep our beloved guinee Pigs frank and skeletor -_-

thursday nights i always work a double and tonight while at work my car desided to sky rocket and over heat to the max i think my water pump is going out i'm almost 100 fucken sure and this isnt in my budged

with my ex stiffing me with what he owes on his phone and his part of the bill it seems like my ship has offically sunk new vid on youtube

have a good night all

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