Wednesday, August 5, 2015


To those who still read my blog i've been really down lately and i want to apologize for my lack of interest in keeping you all updated so will be trying to update more can anyone of you make your goddess happy?

just really stressed and school season is upon us my son returns to school by the end of the month and i have to get school supplys and re new my plates and still do day care and all my other bills i feel like i'm about to start drowning in my bills in reality i should be ok but this single mom is much harder than some make it seem!!

heres a new video
keep me in your thoughts and wish me luck!!!
let me stay afloat and not sink

as always love you all here is a link to my new video

Just dont want to fail my son -_-

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  1. Everything will be alright, hun. Me and my mother are going through a similar situation, except he's living in the same house as us. Just keep your head up and tell your son to do so as well. Sending love and prayers your way.