Tuesday, April 23, 2013


So to those who maybe looking at this and going what the hell i've been busy attempting to prep myself for this and am looking for gifted donations in order to pay for mine an my teams fees and gear
i have a pair of overly trashed work shoes posting a video and photos up shortly

been a very busy lady working still very full time and perhaps looking for a second part time job still trying to move out of my personal hell whole but cant because i cant seem to get a co signer for any of th apartments i've applied for ug go freaken figure

as in resent non foot related events my sister went nuts because she regretted paying me back and threw a bitch fit about it trying to have your goddess arrested for something that was being falsly reported . anyways

trying to de stress my life

my cars are kinda fixed both needing a tun up, oil changes and other things i need to breaks for my mini green beast on wheels -_-

want to listen to your goddess vent Msg me On yahoo!!

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