Thursday, May 24, 2012

socks on ebay doll house brand

 Hello everyone who may come across my blog i am gloomygirl87 on ebay i sell smelly dirty  socks
i've been told i have a strong foot oder and that it likes to clutch onto the socks that i wear anyways i am here to day to let you know that for the past few days i have been wearing these socks. recent activitys in these socks hmm...
Mowed the lawn took more than 30 mins and it was hot out my feet were all hot and sticky from not being in open shoes and all .
I have done my shopping in them i've hit a few stores so another 4 or so hours in them
hm.. what else is there oh i've been working out every day also so that helps them to :) so far about two or three days in my new balance shoes that are kinda old... anyways these awsome ladys are so on ebay right now and i think yhou should go check them out!!
happy bidding will update tomorrow with an updated pictures and will say when item is sold!
Awsome sexy doll house brand socks on ebay pink tips an heels on a super awsome smelly white sock

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