Thursday, May 31, 2012

green tipped an heeled beverly hill sport socks an update

Alrighty then those pink socks to anyone who actually reads this i was going to do another update on them but someone did the buy it now for the awsome price of 65 dollars and i sent them out to the uk i hope the new owner loves the way they smell its super strong!!!!

anyways since i sold those i have been wearing a pair of white socks with green tips and heels they are beverly hill sport socks and they are super soft on my 9 1/2 sized feet.. anyways i have been walking in these bad boys for a bit now and well as i am saying i'm going to update this. during this past weekend i walked over to my friends house a few times because i am bet sitting and she is over 6 blocks away gotta figure out how far really .. but walked there walked home.. a few different times during the weekend .. monday walked to down town of where i live and saw the celebration for this past memorial day -_- lets just say my feet hurt from the walk there and back.. socks have been shoe worn only!

Green tipped socks Beverly hill sports brand on ebay!! 

along with this eventfull past weekend and begining to this week was at the airport for like four in a half hours and  i also killed a whopper jr. with my feet and some flipflops monday  evening..  as you can see from the picture below i have a video and pictures for sale if anyones interested ... flipflops still have food on them great for a tastey snack anyways youtube video of these awsomely smelling socks will be on youtube shortly i also will be going for a walk and its rainy so i will update later this evening
 good bye for now my lovely followers

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