Sunday, November 12, 2017


I suppose it has been a while someone has just asked if I still update

I will start once more

I did have a short lived good run back on ebay
but haters are gonna hate right

so I got flagged I will be only doing direct sales and you can mark as merchandise instead of gift via paypal.
I also accept squarecash  google wallet an amazon

I will be listing items on my Instagram account goddessgloomysfeet and or on here directly

and so please keep a look out for my current items for sale

I have had a lot going on more personal shit

I am always up for a chat via kik or Instagram

anyways trying to get caught up on a few things

twin Santa socks are coming up for auction via tonight
mine and my twin sisters socks and a dual auction
so don't forget to check it out will try to get a video up later tomorrow

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