Sunday, September 8, 2013



Hello everyone thought i'd share another photo from my outting the other day i am currently going to be selling photo lots
under the following titles

*BabyOiled feet 

* Tied up Feet

* Stuffed animal Crushing

* Have me Right you  name on my feet

*Outside bare foot or socked feet

*Food Crushing

 * blast from the past - all socks i've sold in the past

all photo sets are $ 35.00

Web Cam sessions 5 mins $15.00
10 mins $30.00

--- Food Items --
Pop Corn in a dirty sock $25.00
Dirty Shoe Water $ 15.00
Taco shells' in the form of my feet with imprints of toes $10.00

Cookies Made with my feet  50.00 will include photos and video

Getting ready for the holidays why not order some some tastey snacks

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