Friday, November 16, 2012

filas on ebay

 Hello.... Everyone today we are going to see how well this auction is going to do because you fuckers who adore my smelly socks are becoming a little bit slim but oh well the ones that are left

Your all still special :) so here today i have for you all a pair of fila socks for those who have forgotten my feet are 9 1/2 wides so what way to best smell them then threw my socks??

anyways i wore these at work today and yesterday and the day before that so they've got alot of wear and hours into them and will have more tomorrow because tomorrow i have to work also oh joy my supposed day off i have to work because of thee upcoming holidays and because of all the upcomming events alot of people want there houses and homes cleaned.. 

 so these have i'm going to guess and say about 36 plus hours!! auction will be up and they will be up untill its over
 Driving my 94 summit with socks
 keep an eye out for auction

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