Saturday, January 13, 2018


My Old original seller account on ebay Gloomygirl87
is able to be reactivated!!!!

For my remainder balance..... of 60.00 in seller fee's because i had that one auction for 500 plus
and the buyer refused to make payment  and before i could dispute the false auction winner my account got shut down!!!!!

Soo if anyone wants to help me out
you can either squarecash me something to help at mamagloomy
and or via paypal please mark as gift!!!

all auctions via ebay will be set for short auctions only if it allows me to and i will post here on Instagram and my youtube~! to give you all a heads up on when to expect to look for my auctions to get to the bidding all auctions will now be listed at 30.00 buy it now i will be trying to do three auctions a week
i also have
one subscription via direct sale  one pair of socks for 12 months!!!! so 12 pairs total for
a small cost of 300.00 US Dollars that is for in the u.s. only for Out of state i am sorry it is 450.00 do to extra shipping charges!!!!

i am currently about to go on leave for  8 weeks soon and every penny i can shove away will help me stay afloat!!!

as you all know i am a single mother
and i am about to be a single mother of 2 instead of one!!!
i work full time and i am busting  a sweat every day at work
i am back on ebanned also
so feel free to find me there as well  Gloomygirl_87

i have a hand full of items up  for sale message me on either and or and lets do some business

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