Sunday, December 24, 2017

Soooo lifes a cunt

I have been doing direct sales since ebay gave me the boot and well people keep backing out which makes this harder for me to contiue
i just got my replacment phone the other month and while at familys some how something got DROPPED ON MY SCREEN and now there is a few cracks on the screen

let you all know i just got the Samsung Galaxy S8 i love....... my phone
i did get the insurance with my monthly plan but on that note alone

the deduction for it when something happens is 175.00 now
as we all know ITS FUCKEN CHRISTMAS EVE...
which means this single mom on her super tight budget just
has nothing extra because it took alot of budgiting to get my holiday shopping done
now i didnt go over bored because i couldnt i couldnt get that stupid lego kit that ran over 100
but he didnt ask for much so my kid will hopefully be happy

me on the other hand i'm pretty crabby
my phone isnt in budget to fix
my comcast desided to wig out and they say my bill is almost 600 so
i am switching providers and right now my phone is what gets me by with keeping you all updated via instagram and so forth

i will be updating this twice a week
to keep it up to date and fresh i am going to be reopening my store
i have been busy with work but also missed some days do to feeling under the weather!!!

anyone wanna gift me that pedi i have been wanting??????  thats 35 plus a tip
and i'll record and photograph the whole thing
wanna help out with that stupid repair bill of 175 for my phone you will get a  3 photos a day for 2 months straight an  2 pairs of socks

i accept squarecash $mamagloomy
cash in the mail jessica K. p.o box 129 dekalb il 60115
fyi i love free socks!! an or shoes... size 9 1/2 i like sneakers and skater shoes

wanna help with a bill just ask or just send what you want to i am going to be returning to finish my schooling asap so i can make more $$ and get that house with the yard and shit that i want i have goals why not help me reach them..!!!

if your going to say you want to buy an item and not to paypal or square cash and ask if you can mail it in the mail thats ok if you wanna western union it to me great but DONT GIVE ME A FAKE NUMBER to go collect so i can ship your item out to find out its not valid!!!
i have to cut my toe nails asap and have a scratching video for sale!!! do to buyer bailing and wasting my time

dont forget to follow my instagram and keep a look out for my barefeet in the snow video!!!

i have had a few applicants for foot slaves
they only were able to reach level 1
didnt really go further than that
if your going to fill out the application
Please be serious about it  and do whats expected

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