Monday, March 13, 2017


  Oldie but a goodie...
so I had a busy busy day at work and when I got home I desided to start to clear off my old desk top and transfer most of my files to my laptop and I found this lovely photo I still have them damn clog like flip flops as trashed as they may be I do love a vintage flop...

my wonderful car as you can see is still alive and doing well we hit our 3 year recently.. she needs a good washing but for some reason mother nature wanted to be a bitch and we got some snow.. again!! go figure seven days till spring and we're suppose to get snow like all week according to the thing on my phone

fyi I do NOT LIVE IN  A TRAILER PARK this is an old photo at a siblings house...
I live in a very interesting town home no trailers for this gal...

oh I did indeed get new shoes so I am listing theses bad boys on ebay
later today if not in the a.m.
super trashed champs my toes started poking out so its time for them  to retire and to move on to your  kick ass collection.. interested hmu at mamagloomy at
60 firm free shipping other wise will be on ebay by morning

videos are on the way just a busy gal
just sayin..

OOh and I did indeed get my tickets for Chicago open air this year VIP yay me now just to get the funds for a hotel for the weekend

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