Wednesday, January 25, 2017

White pink no show peds


Soo here we are again,
I am doing my best to do daily updates today I wore a pair of white an pink no show peds today in my tan sketchers that slip on... and desided to share them with you today
they will be on ebay for a reasonable buy it now price
photos will be included in all auctions a disc with be sent with all items unless you'd rather me email them directly to you..
so today was a semi easy day I came home worked out and am about to do some cleaning up as you can tell there is some discoloring in the socks
and they hold a good decent smell

my stalker is all butt hurt because I called him out because
he isn't a man and really should just piss off

karma my dear will catch ya and that goes to anyone anyways ... foot dust person did not pay for on is still available along with some eatables smashed bannans' ect..
will have a video of that later tonight.. but anyways there is a video that will be listed on youtube later along with the link for these socks that will be going onto ebay the last auction of socks the person backed out after bidding one last time to be the last high bidd it is being relisted... again!!!!
if you don't wanna pay for it do me a favor I love you all but do not bid if you do not intend on fallfilling  payments anyways
gotta run i'll update later

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