Sunday, January 22, 2017

WAYS OF Payments

Its that time again!!!!
Chicago open air and i am going
but would love if someone wanted to help upgrade me to vip this year
 as gift donations will get photos of the weekends events dirty socks, videos ect..
and perhaps even a veiwing of my feet when i get back to my hotel for the evening via video chat

i am back to the gym i work out at home still and am slowly but surly getting down to my goal..

payments for items
western union Online
GreenDot refill money card
amazon < i prefer paypal and others before amazon...

cash in mail at own risk

panties for sale...
socks for sale.. gloomygirl_87


  1. I'm thinking about going too!!!

    1. last year was a blast ... tickets are pricey though lol

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