Monday, January 23, 2017

Send your Goddess Some Vday love Cards in the mail!!!

 So as some of you may know 
Your Goddess is Very single which is rare

and i'm ok with that instead of dealing with Fake ass Men  Who do not know how to treat women

I am Giving you the chance to be my Valentine For 2017 You may mail me something to my P.o.Box
But you must inquire Directly to for my mailing address I do not wish to share it here for the world to see subject be mine

In return if treated right I will send you my beloved ring... 

it holds nothing but false promises and hopes. its a bad reminder of a past love and i want it gone...
i'm tempted to torch and smash it because i'm just sick of everything i have in my home that. that selfish prick ever gave me.. Soon to all go to good will or ebay..

Give me Truth however cold  or hard to hear i would rather have my heart bled and broken if it means i can move on than to waste another single moment of my time being fooled by a lie intended to preserve my feelings... 

Remember Maggots I can be very cold hearted and can turn my feelings off in a heart beat i can pretend you never once were in my life Once i remove you Your gone

So this retired slave can go screw himself
your loss not mine sweets i was the best thing that ever could of came into your life and i publicly throw you away and shame you Because your a horrible human being your no man at all
good luck with the whale and your circle jerk of a club your now in
if i shame you maybe you'll get the hint and piss off its offically been almost two years go away
stop the stalking ..

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