Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New socks On ebay

Hello hello my lovelys
I am back on ebanned.... and lots of goodies on there don't forget to look me up

panties, foot shavings ect...

Socks on ebay!!

19 hours left!!!

Direct sale only -
Foot job photos and videos
  Sexy photos legs feet, sexy outfits ;)
Text me Photos Three photos a day via text for seven days only $25 for a video a day with photos its $35.00

all auctions are to help me purchase a bike in the spring time if not all funds go towards me purchasing a home next year!! we can make this happen
lets make some deals hmmm

I am going back to the gym this Friday but I work out five days a week at home I am going to be making changes and take selling my socks very seriously

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