Thursday, December 3, 2015

just needing to vent

Its that time of year again to where i feel like a horrible mother

why you ask
well this year was suppose to be My son an I's year of freedom from the hell we lived with threwout the passed three years we are in our own place
and we are doing Ok!
but i'm behind on bills all i do is work work work and i cant seem to keep going strong my electic bill is my biggest concern i need to pay it off and i need to do that soon as shit

i'm unsure if i'm able to get any help with it or not
i am not asshamed to say i get state help but even with that being a single mom and the only one working apparently i make to much and i was docked another 50 off of my stamps

my rent is 750 plus electric which everything runs on

i just need a break i feel horrible because the holiday is right around the corner and i'm at this moment
unsure if i'll be able to put anything under our very own tree

which is something we as in mother an son have never had to our own my son is a very loved well deserving boy who i just want to make a good holiday for and i dont want him to see that the only person that is there for him is struggling!!

the more i think of it the more i get upset

i do have items for sale its just i'm horribly depressed and am having issuesing getting them listed thats another reason why i havent been posting lately so i do apologize that this isnt sock related
but i dont know what else to do

i am a strong women and i have alot of pride but sometimes you just need to let it out even if it is to a ton of strangers
that is if anyone still reads this


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