Friday, December 18, 2015

had to relist socks

recently had an auction for for a freakishly fantasic amount and it was so great that it would of helped me pay on my electric bill and do my xmas shopping which i have been UNABLE to start :( because the single mom single income thing

i've realized all men are assholes the person i was recently involved with apparently has been seeing two other women behind my back and instead of being a MAN about it he stopped talking to me and blocked me on facebook and now his new fat whore is mugging it up well bitch they all come crawling back and when he does i'm going to break his nose!!

i've got a bid of 60 to break his nose if someone gets to him before me so i'm waiting for that dought it will happen

anyways back to what i was saying i had a pair of socks go for 429.00 i know right it freaked me out on how high it went well the person who bought it

Item picture
Worn fuzzy white women's socks (301819833318)


has desided to avoid all contact with me and i've made many attempts to contact ebay wont let me leave a bad feedback but why bid so high and refuse contact if you have no intentions on paying up
its a big let down i have not one thing for my little guy because my budget is so tight right now :(

anyways item is relisted and ebay intends on still charging me for the seller fee which sucks ass!!!

so please its up for 24 hours go bid socks are worn and bagged and ready for a new home and collector


  1. You should be able to file an unpaid item dispute . When the dead beat buyer ignores e bay after a certain amount of time (which is what usually happens ),they will not charge you the seller fee . The file a dispute link should be some where in the order details

    1. Thanks for your advice i did do that and they still charged me after i reopened the case twice and for doing so they ended up ripping some of my auctions stating they are of adult content and still charged me full fee's even for the items that were never paid for which totally sucks and as strange as it may be the seller provided a phone number not only did i text i made an attempt and making verbal contact with a phone call and well the buyer apparently had no intentions on ever paying for item